Who We Are

African Investment Company (AIC) is a Real Estate Development and Investment Company that was established in 2010 with a focus on turnkey projects. AIC has a rich track record in developing and managing different types of projects from residential to administrative and commercial projects.

AIC is a subsidiary of Multiples Group, a Private Equity and Investment Advisory firm based out of Dubai and Cairo.
Multiples, our parent company, has several subsidiary companies operating in different sectors under its private equity portfolio with a different scope of operations.
For more information on Multiples Group and its subsidiaries, please visit: www.multiplesgroup.com


to be the leading and most valuable real estate developer in Egypt, Develop plans, strategies and future visions of real estate activity.


provides unique design & guarantee a profitable investment, Diversity in the provision of real estate services, Power in attracting projects.



Partners of Success

Through its main contractor ASASS Construction, AIC collaborates with several parties in order to create buildings with the ideal quality that provide the maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Our Key Partners of Success

Multi-functional Pillars

AIC is distinguished with the professional integration of multi-function within the company where the team fills such functional pillars with a high level of expertise.

Such adoption of the multi-functional approach has enabled the company to successfully develop, manage and deliver a wide set of projects of different types, with the utmost quality; assuring client satisfaction and confident market presence.

Project Development

Project Management

Sales & Marketing

Financial Management

Property Management